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Valeting & Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive selection of valeting, general cleaning and dressings for the automotive market.

We offer a complete silicone free bodyshop range of products designed to facilitate a complete interior and exterior valet.
Additionally, we have a high performance professional range for compounding and  polishing with Cartec 4800 (1.3kg liquid), 12000 anti hologram 1.3kg, Farecla G3, G6, G10 as well as new G3 Premium, 3M Fast Cut, Medium and Fine.

We have professional quality Wash n Wax, TFR’s for all budgets, Wheel Cleaner (Non Acidic), Foam effect products with lance, glue removal products, tar and glue remover, cleaners, dressing for leather, vinyl and plastics. We have different brands available at different depots, including Valeting  Solutions, Cartec, Simple Solutions to name a few.

We stock most of these in varying sizes from 500ml up to 205L depending on the product.

If in doubt please ask.