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Plant and Industrial

CARS have an enormous portfolio of paint solutions for this sector.

Because this is a massive sector we have many, many options to fit.

Specification Market: We have systems to meet ISO12944 up to 20 year anti corrosion. We major in tinted primer systems using epoxies, acrylic high build wet on wet systems, anti graffiti coatings, MIO (Micaceous Iron Oxide) primers, DTM (Direct to Metal) systems in single and two pack options.

Specialised Substrates: We have products that adhere to Steel, Galvanised, Brass, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Plastic inc uPVC, Anodised film, Aluminium, Stainless Steel etc

Technical solutions: We offer products for single pack or two pack requirements, brush-able, airless application, air assist airless application, pressure pot, double diaphragm, electrostatic, conventional spray-gun application and roller applied

Flooring: We have multiple options on Floor-paints depending on your budget or specification, including single pack one visit, epoxy two component finishes, high durability options, multiple colours available, and bespoke colour available in most products.

Blast primer: A selection of price sensitive primers ideal for shot blasters needing a fast drying no nonsense primer for high tonnage jobs where the steel needs a coating. Available in most RAL & BS colours with four standard colours always in stock in varying sizes. (White, Buff, Black & Grey)

Brushable Primers: We stock fast air dry primers for everyday use. Grey & Red Oxide are in stock, but we can make most RAL or BS colours

We have several options for topcoat:
UHS Compliant systems for road going vehicles, these are two pack isocyanate systems suitable for Air Assisted Airless, Conventional, Pressure Pot, double diaphragm pump application. Mostly used in truck applications. Includes clearcoats. Massive colour availability for most brands, but we will match custom or fleet colours and we always keep formulations as standard.

Plant & Machinery coatings: All topcoats adhere to current legislation and we have a huge colour availability for most marks, but we will match custom or fleet colours and we always keep formulations as standard.
We can give you brushable finishes in varying gloss levels, spray applied finishes, full gloss systems, texture finishes, orange-peel effect, semigloss single coat finishes to name a few. Used in conjunction with tinted primers if so desired.

Plastics: We have 5 specific coatings for plastics offering specialised technical solutions for business. Available in single pack, two pack and water based finishes.

Glass: We sell glass coatings, so if you need to spray splashbacks or in fact anything glass we have a solution.

Wheel Coatings: We can offer DTM wheel silvers in both single and two pack options depending on the application in question.

Plant & Machinery items supplied include but certainly not limited to: Cranes, Hammers, Line marker, Bitumen Buckets, Chippers, Acoustic Boxes, Compressor tanks, Skeleton trailers, Truck bodies, Crane Cabs, Winches, Mudguards, Digger Buckets, Stainless Steel Tanker, Yachts (Above the water), Fibreglass, Splash-backs, sheet steel, rolling road manufacture, Truck deflectors, pig pens, pig feeders, fabrication projects, chimenea manufacturers, AGA oven coatings and these are just a few of the huge array of items that our coatings have ended up on.

Always feel free to talk to us so we get the best option for your business’ needs.