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DIY & Miscellaneous

At CARS we can do all manner of aerosols, touch up bottles and brushable paints.

In the automotive range we keep in stock a range of primers, specialist epoxy primers, Ready mixed gloss black, satin black, matt black, gloss white, high temperature paint in Red, Silver & Black and Aerosols by colour code.

We also do sealers and primers for wood as well as topcoats.

We regularly supply paint for air brush artists including House of Kolor. POA

Modellers use us for brushable and sprayable enamels in both full Gloss (Lechler 29116) and Semi gloss (Lechler 29112) from our vast Lechler range, we reconmend the same products for your front doors, kitchen doors, radiators, skirting boards or similar as we have 60,000 colours to choose from.

We also have a huge range of colours for you if you need a product for spraying your car’s engine block or rocker cover, there are a few options, lechler tecnogrip 1k, 29132 gloss or 29130 semi gloss, or specialist metalic finish technogrip 1k MIO which is a sparking allumium binder with colour, limited colour range with 20 colours or 29143 gloss 2 pack with high temperature range.

If you are looking for a show finish on polished aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, or gold then we have an awesome anodising clear coat which we can also tint if required, 2K versions available (29143 lechler).

If you’re looking for a paint to smarten up some gates, front door (metal clad), tractor, plant machinery or similar then we have it in stock with a huge colour range the try our Lechler 29116 brushable or 29144 2k polyeuthane, and colour matchinig is available.

Need an inexpensive high build paint in satin finish with rust inhibitors? We have lechler C-Paint 180/103 and the price depends on the colour. Brushes, roller applied or sprayed. Typical use cases would be for containers, cladding, roofing, plant, agricultural, garage doors etc. Please Ask us for more details.

Have to paint plastic material? e.g.. UPVC, ABS, then we have the product in stock. Best applied by spray as it dries so fast, lechler 29157 gloss.

Do your seats on your car look a bit worn or sad? Ask us about our technogrip satin for Vinyl. We have to match by vehicle so bring a sample of your colour and we will match it, this product is incedibly flexible and hard wearing.

Floor paints, we do an excellent range from a budget 1K for 25L limited colours, Grey & Tile Red to a high end 2K Epoxy for heavy duty, please feel free to Ask us or Call in.

Basically if you need to coat something then Call in and we can almost certainly help!