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Trucks & Buses

CARS have an extensive range of coatings for the Commercial Vehicle market.

We have a massive colour range including fleet colours, backed by state of the art spectrophotometry, we are used to mixing large volume mixes.

Topcoat Options

Our flagship topcoats are UHS 2004/42/11B/420 compliant offering a choice of either a high gloss 2 pack Polyurethane or high gloss 2 Pack Acrylic. Both products have excellent long term durability, with high lustres from the gun, but can be polished with ease when required.

For Refurbishment work we offer a range of coatings to suit budget. We also have compliant DTM finishes which can go straight on to blasted steel in any of the fleet or RAL/BS colours. Highly durable, full gloss if required or any gloss level in between.

Once we have mixed or matched your colour, we can then offer you the same colour as a brush-able product, aerosol or DTM option as sometimes this can be very useful.

Primer systems

We specialise in hi opacity 2004/42/11B/540 Compliant primers. Our primers can be made as standard in any colour. So if you need Post Office Red topcoat, we can do you the primer in the same colour (or just off shade, so you can see where you are going when spraying, it’s your call). Our flatting primers change colour when being sanded which customers find really useful.

We have primers for Aluminium, Bare steel, Sealers for going over older coatings, We have flat-able primers or wet on wet systems. Once again available in most colours as standard.
We can supply: Wash Etch Primers, Epoxy Primers, High Build Primers, aerosol, brushable primers, Rust Converters, High Build Fast Drying WOW primers.

All of our coatings are suitable for conventional spray, air assist airless, pressure pot or electrostatic application as standard.

Please talk to us about your requirements!