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Restoration Projects

Here at CARS we are proud to have been part of a number of our customers winning awards for their paintwork.
We pride ourselves in our database maintenance, and colour matching service. As standard we match colours for customers, keeping them on file so that future work can be done, this includes aerosols, or just touch ups etc.

We have specific products for this market and a number of popular products are listed below:

Large job? Having to abrade it manually? Take the work out of it by investing in a Geared Sander. Hugely efficient cut 6mm orbit, makes short work of a very tedious job. Instead of hours on a 5mm orbit DA sander using 40 grit sanding discs, use a geared sander with 120grit. Significantly less time as it gets to metal in seconds, and with a 120grit you’re at the right finish for our restoration primers.
The Geared Air sander comes with 12 months warranty and we have already sold stacks of them to many professionals, have a look at the product >>.

Those wishing to endure with a DA then try Mirka Abranet HD discs in either 40 or 80 grit. Incredibly strong, and out lasts most normal discs by 3 times! have a look at the product >>.

From P120 abraded or Shotblasted SA2½ spec degreased, rust free metal: (bear in mind there are many ways of doing this, these are the most popular and of course proven in practice).

We supply coloured Epoxy Primer systems in any quantity from 1L upwards. LS107 is a high quality two component epoxy. (It isn’t isocyanate). Epoxy primers adhere to most metallic surfaces, but check with us first if you’re in any doubt. They certainly adhere to Aluminium, Bare Steel Galvanised panels, Stainless Steel, Fibre Glass and many others. Epoxy primers are awesome sealer coats, with excellent anti corrosion properties and the most chemically and water resistant coating in the industry…hence recommending them so highly.
This particular product lays down really smoothly with a lovely satin effect. Some customers have liked it so much they wanted to keep the car in the finish! (No you can’t by the way)

Many restoration projects are “on the back burner” whilst earning a living with day to day jobs. So if your project is potentially going to sit in your premises for months at a time then get the epoxy on it to protect it. As there is no point grafting hard to watch it go rusty again!

Prices are dependant on the required colour, please see here for details >>. There are two hardener speeds Standard & Fast, and one thinner. Technical Data is always available and usually sent with the goods.

ONCE CURED, apply body filler on top of the Epoxy primer and block to shape, spot prime with NOVOL or CARS Aerosol 1K Epoxy  using it as a rub through primer.
Once abraded to a 180-240g finish in high build primer.

We have many high build primers for this market. LS105 is a 5:1:1 UHS primer giving an enormous 200 micron build through a 1.4mm conventional spray gun. Available in any colour (we have matched to top coats with huge success) this primer lays down beautifully smooth. Once dry, then block abrade with P800 or P400-500 DA. On sanding the primer changes colour so instantly shows high and low points at a glance. We also stock MIPA four colours available White, Beige, Grey and Black. SMOOTHY grey, Octoral PF131 grey, white & black) Lechler Ti Green Primer grey and others.

Apply Bodyfiller or Polyester Filler and shape. Don’t leave this for too long as body filler as they are hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), finishing at 180-240g finish. Degrease.
Then apply a wash etch semi transparent primer. These primers have virtually no build at all, usually a 1:1 mix but check the technical data sheet for the product. We have a number of them available to suit budget: Tetrosyl 5L kit (equal parts 5l of primer & Activator), but we have others in stock including NOVOL, Valspar, UPOXY & U-POL Acid8 in different pack sizes from 1 litre upwards.
Without flatting, apply a high build primer of your choice. (see above). Do not apply base coat directly over a wash etch.

Depending on budget, or condition of vehicle, if you have abraded the metal to a point where there won’t be any left and you don’t want to replace panels or can’t etc, then you have got the rust to position where there are just black dots left on the metal, consider using an Industrial strength product we stock called Ferrozinc which is a waterbased acidic rust converter. Apply by brush or spray onto the areas. It will turn black and convert the rust. Let it dry thoroughly. Wash over with soapy water in case there’s any excess acid, and leave in place as a first step primer. Abrade if required. Technical Data sent with goods.

We have an extensive colour database for the restoration market.
For colours older than 1975 we are able to formulate colours in Nexa Autocolor, Valspar or Lechsys 155 Acritop, check out the prices. We also supply waterbased base coat if required from Valspar.

  1. some of the older colours use toners that have obviously been superseded. Many old colours suffered from an effect under street lighting called metamerism, particularly reds and burgundy. It is very difficult for us to achieve this effect with modern toners, so be advised if your are repairing a panel on a very old vehicle this effect may be evident. (Metamerism has the effect of making a colour look brown under sodium lights. In the case of a repair the old and the new will look like differing shades under street lights in the UK).

We have state of the art spectrophotometry, extensive old colour books and swatches, colour ID systems and colour matching facilities.

Colour matching is a fickle thing, sometimes getting a match can take minutes other times it can take days. We will always advise, although in every case as standard we keep formulations so if you need more then we can oblige. As another nice touch, we can do touch up bottles for your customer, or aerosols if preferred. Touch ups and Aerosols.

We are also House of Kolor agents, which we can get within 2 days.

So if you need the very best in long term restoration products and systems call us and we will do our best to assist!