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Car Paints

In the Automotive sector we deal with professional businesses repairing accident damaged vehicles, restoration specialists, car sales & minor repairers, SMART repairers, Alloy Wheel repairers, Motorbike repairers and DIY people who need a spot of touch up or an aerosol for home use.

Because the requirements are so different, we offer a wide selection of products to meet conditions, legislative requirements, speed of use, colour availability, health & safety needs etc.
We will match colours for you, usually within 48 hours (however some colours need a bit more time, especially when matching water-based colour).


We have multiple options for Automotive priming including our flagship Mipa 4+1, and SMOOTHY both compliant to 2004/42/11B/250 We have specialist plastics and self etching primers, in varying formats.
We offer tinted high build primers, epoxy primers in both sprayable and aerosol formats.

Basecolour: We offer Water Based Compliant base colour for modern vehicles, which need a compliant Clearcoat system over them. Contrary to popular belief the water base basecoat is very easy to use and offers significant advantage to the painter: virtually no reactions on re-coating, hardly ever an issue with blending, and as long as they are used with warmth and air flow they perform superbly well.

Restoration & Motorbikes

We have alternative products for the motor bike and restoration markets using solvent. These products are only allowed for sale to this market in limited quantity as there is a special dispensation in the regulations for it. You do however have to prove it is what you say it is for. A disclaimer at the very least will have to be signed before we can supply you. If your main business is restoration then our understanding is that you should have a licence from your council. Please check online with your council.

We not only sell paint products, but anything needed for you to do the job. This includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, masks, coveralls, gloves etc), Masking products (paper, sheeting, tape, specialist tapes etc), solvents, cleaning products, mixing containers, clearcoats, hardeners, primers, bodyfillers (fillers, stoppers, bridging fillers etc), sprayguns for most budgets (inc airlines, spares, fittings), aerosol options, wipers, polishing cloths, compounds, polish, valeting products, abrasives for sanders, hand blocking, wet or dry papers, polishing abrasive systems, specialist SMART products, equipment of all types to name a few.